Jetalex Services

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First-Rate Carpet Cleaning and Power Washing Services

Look no further than Jetalex Services when you need carpet cleaners and power washers who can do a very impressive job. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, we offer our services for homeowners and business owners in the area. 

A Team That You Can Trust

Our company is licensed and insured so you can be confident to work with us. Most of all, we stand by our core values which enable us to deliver top-notch services.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Respect for Our Customers
  • Attention to Detail
  • Maintenance of Hygienic Appearance and Practices

What Our Clients Say

Very satisfied on the work performed. The job was completed in a very quick time...highly recommended!

- Jay Gaddy

I chose Jetalex because they cleaned up a really big mess made by a dog where my daughter was dog-sitting. It was truly horrible. I did not think the carpet could be saved. But my daughter took before and after pictures. It was incredible. That is why I gave the company a try. I was not disappointed.

- Jetalex Services client

Jeff Alexander (Jetalex Services) is very professional. He is very thorough and highly detailed. He cleaned all the carpeted areas in my house, and the carpet looks brand new. I have pets (so there were a few stains) and you could not see any stains at all after he was finished. Highly recommend - the price was great as well.

- Jetalex Services client

I just sold a house and used another carpet cleaning company. I ended up replacing the carpets before I sold it because they could not get them cleaned to my satisfaction, but I feel that if I had used Jetalex the carpet replacement in my old house would probably not have been necessary and I would have saved the large expense of replacing the carpets.

- Jetalex Services client

In my new house, I have set up a service with Jetalex to have my carpets cleaned on a regular basis (every 4 months) because I was so impressed.

- Jetalex Services client

Great customer service, great quality of work, great prices, and the guy even said that if there was anything I didn't like he would come out and fix it for free! Just awesome!

- Jetalex Services client

He told me the same thing. I concur on her review!!!

- Jetalex Services client

You will not be disappointed selecting this company for your carpet cleaning needs!!!

- Linda DeMasi